People In Your Life Are Seasons

by A. Sarr

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People In Your Life Are Seasons by A. Sarr

<<but also by anyone who was around at the time>>

I would say these songs were written in the Winter of 2015, but for me, that lasted all year round. What would happen if for a year you lived in only one season? Even though the people in your life kept moving in and out of it. It’s weird shit, being so in yourself when there are so many others that love you. You become blind to their affection and just kind of say fuck it and delve into yourself. Making this album definitely helped me climb out of that hole, realizing that worth and purpose and all of that came from everyone around you. So if you were one of those people in that exceptionally long season, thank you. <rose emoji>

Specific shout outs to my technical connoisseurs: Chris Atkins for making my voice shine. Jake Cheriff for editing this into the glistening jewel that it is. Russell Elliot for continuing to push this album to the best it could possibly be, and for being generally overworked and underpaid. Carolyn Girondo for being the only person I would trust fall with. Ellen Winter for choosing to sing my most personal song with me when everyone else was too scared to do so. Idris Perovic for bringing these songs to the stage. Tattoo Money for never letting me let go of the vision, and for being my big brother. Dyllan for the whisper in the winds that begins the whole thing. Tirman Kid for proving that real friends can come out of the internet. Anthony Cerretani for making this album a physical thing, and Sam Monaco for setting these words on the page. Stephen Davis, you a real one too bruv. And to anyone I forgot, you know how hard it is to do this shit right?

Also to everyone I love. My family for birthing and cultivating this monstrosity of a voice I have. Smoothie Tunes for bringing me into the best community this side of Twitter. Andy Nye for coaching and late night vape sessions. Salad Bowl for being the army everyone wish they had. Everyone past, present, and future who’s inspired these songs but have yet to name. Belleza, what else is there to say to you that you don’t already know?

A. Sarr is me, + all of you. Thank you.


released January 13, 2017

Written & Produced by A. Sarr
Engineered by Chris Atkins at 20/20 Studios
Mixed by Jake Cheriff


all rights reserved


Track Name: Moonlight Bae
Now that I got you all alone
I thought I had to let you know
You never seem to let me feel my sadness
Always holding me until I'm balanced
Got me spinnin round in the right ways
Give me a blood rush to the right place
I give a soft shock to your sharp skin
I shut it off so I could let you in

Blinded by the moon
Can't see no more
Looking for a tune
that captures you who I adore
Built the beat soft
and with no chords
calling you up
it's premature
Enough was enough
till I found more
I couldn't keep up
I couldn't give in I
worked on my poses
learned to talk imposing
Grew nothing but roses
cut off all of my hoes
Gave you every inch of my soul
Screamed your name out in the cold
I did this for you but
you still one of my woes
moon I'll take you and breathe you in
Write your name till I'm out of pens
seek you out till the skyline ends
no limits, love, live it
Motivated by lust
Punctuated here by your trust
You're always around it's never enough
and I could come up to your place
If you wasn't with the stars
if I wasn't on the ground
fucking round in bars
If you didn't hold the world
like you held me by the waist
and I wasn't so sprung
by your image on a lake
but mista
moon I'll take you and breathe you in
write your name till I'm out of pens
making me forget my friends
Track Name: How We Sleep
It's all in the past
and it's gonna last forever
No future in losing yourself
In what could be better
How we sleep on the nights
When we're not fucking up our cycles
You want it i got it
and flaunt it i'm a provider
Ignoring you
Like I got something to prove
I hold onto the silence
to reason with you
and I might come thru
In my zone still beat up and bruised
I got my sights set to a tune

I'd die to succeed
& not waste my life on old fanfare
This is how we sleep on the nights
When we're not making love
This is how I sleep on the nights when I'm not tryna fuck

I take it you didn't think I ever would be so honest
I take it you never thought I'd be one to keep a promise
Walk into the water I only sleep in the ocean
So hate or love it I point to you in the open

I'd die to succeed
& not waste my life living old fanfare
This is how we sleep on the nights
When we're not making love
This is how I sleep on the nights when I'm not tryna fuck
Track Name: Glass Tables Feat. Tattoo Money
Turn up this beat and let me breathe
Not stopping till my enemies
Are facedown without an option
I fall in love climb out of it
Then warp it to a song I spit
To me it's still an empty promise
Push me down I'm still coming for the throne
That's why I got to bleed at every show
Raise the dead so I'm not going home alone
(Feel the pulse I still believe it in my bones)

I'll try it if it feels right
Killing brain cells to feel life
I've been lost and lost for days
Washing up in waaves
I had given up on my soul
Tasted earth spinnin on poles
It's been a long time since we cut
Look at all these songs that I wrote
Now I burned up my throat
Chasing smoke we've already blown
Cuz I dance on glass tables to shatter your love

We don't know how to unwind
So fall back from us one time
We got heaters made of only light
(Glass tables made of only light)
Is it real if it stole your life
Track Name: I Feel The Morning Coming Over
It's only me pulling me down
Calling it off while no's around
All that I am is all that you see
I wish there was somebody else in me
I wish I was somebody else, someone pure with no ID

Take me away from here
Somewhere we can just disappear
I'll be your morning high
If you wanna be my bird and fly

I mutiply when i'm on the stage
Split apart, spill it on the page
I think about you almost everyday
Get high, throw it all away
i wish you were coming over
I think about this i'm bogus
And if your name wasn't bowler
Maybe sometimes i'd be sober
Girl No take backs i'll shit on you
I'm overfaded yeah it's true
Think about it, this what i do
I don't need a life just weed and brews
Weed and brews weed and brews,
I'm overfaded yeah it's true
I thought there was no limit to what i could do
I could ride the world, just asking you to

Take me away from here
Somewhere we can just disappear
I'll be your morning high
If you wanna be my bird and fly
Track Name: Climb Out Of Love Feat. Tawobi
I found my strain
Caught the vibe
Feeling so alive
I was on the wings
On the line
Moving like a reverie
You just mad cause your man was not ahead of me
and you say I was the best well I better be
See me now
Turnin up to tune you out
You bite my tongue i throw it down
Call your friends i'll call the town
what's a king without a crown
What's my life with the sound
Of you coming with the morning
I can feel it going through you baby

You're just a ghost
Beating on the wind
I hear your thoughts
Picking up again
Thought I left you all alone
Thought these songs were gonna go
I couldn't grasp at another straw
Especially with words coming out my jaw
It's like your name's written on my tongue
but I'm not fucking witcha mood I'm done

I know you could put it down like that
but really who can't put it down like that
I'm sick of singing the same old song
Your inspiration is like ashes in my lungs
I still remember how you walked like that
The way your hips would turn the clocks right back
The way you quivered at the tip of my tongue
Track Name: Hangover Cures Feat. Tirman Kid
I couldn’t stop him
he’s at it again
old dogs never change
but I stay the same

cause I’ve hit the bottle
more than a couple of times
and in a couple of lines
I could tell you what you like

I couldn’t stop him
he just fell to the floor
almost comatose
maybe he was dosed

I’ve hit the bottom
I took it and ran
I don’t need a plan
especially after a couple of cans

I was caught up in my circles
everything was untrue
I was feeling pretty lonely
cause I wasn’t round you
I didn’t mean to call you
but my mind was gone too far
into the records
girl I was tryna catch the vibe

I didn’t think about you
when we was sleeping on couches
and dreaming only of ounces
who knew that we’d be about it
I’d book a show
you’d show up
you and next to no one
thought we’d really blow up
turns out we blew up
couldn’t handle the pressure
or distance don’t make me guess it
i’m missing you like a weapon
at this boy it's just irreverent girl
cause I was tryna catch the vibe
I was tryna catch you
Track Name: Bottle Blondes Feat. Ellen Winter
When I talk to you
I feel it open up
words locked to beats
I couldn’t get enough
you’re a monster too
and baby I’m a beast
I’m the worst
you don’t want to catch me
in my violence
whats good witchu
where you tryna be
in the night alive
or riding on a beat
you could bring that force
over to me
watch it spin
and take me home

If I could kiss you
just right where you stand
maybe you’ll start loving me
once again
chasing our breath
both your hands on my back
only in time

So tell me who you wanna be
I’m finna make us multiply
I’m tripping off the greenery
This scene is really not my type

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